"I had a blast with you guys. AHHH there are too many I like! Its a good and bad problem. :)"

-Vanessa Winkle


"Dan - Wish I found you earlier so I could've had awesome headshots all along!  You were so fun to work with, and I am just blown away by the number of incredible photos I get to choose from.  Your unlimited package is worth at least double of what you charge, so for me, this is money well spent.  I will definitely send all my friends your way."

-Yangyang Guo


“I loved the photos! They helped me get me my manager and some pretty cool roles.”


-Garrett Richmond

“Successful? I am thrilled. I have auditioned at least once a week for singing roles in musical theater that are my highest goals. So thanks again to you and your lovely wife.”


-Joe Harkins


Thank you again for taking my pictures, it was such a great experience. I felt assured that I was getting exceptional quality pictures; you gave great direction and your meticulous nature made the process simple and enjoyable. It was a pleasure working with you!”


-Lisa Miranda


“Thanks so much for shooting my pictures for me, they turned out great and I've been submitting myself all of the time! You were the absolute best for my pictures and [my friend] asked me where to go for hers the very first person I thought of was...Daniel Martinez!!!!”


-Rachel LaMariana


"I had such a blast working with everyone, I am going to suggest you to my friend[s]"


-Katie McConnell

“Looks great! … got a lot of compliments. Thanks...you're a beast, man!”


-Rob Smith

"I have just been looking through all the photos a million times because I can't decide which one I want! They're all beautiful! Thank you so much, and especially your wife for making it such an amazing and comfortable shoot for me. "

                                                                                                                                                                                       -Bianca Amato