Frequently Asked Questions



What's in the Full Weekend Package?


I only book one client that day and we have no limits on looks or time. Essentially this means that we focus entirely on you for that day, and you and us both can take our time to work with each look with no concern for limited looks or time. The number of images taken is in the high hundreds or just above one thousand. You will receive many looks and shots and you can have multiple types of headshots where you can choose the most appropriate head shot for the particular role you are auditioning for. If you want assurance that you will get the best and you want many great head shots usable for your auditions, website, and online profiles in casting websites, then this is for you.


Bookings and Availability

We usually like to schedule shoots a couple weeks in advance so please contact us early if you have a particular date in mind.


Do you shoot with strobe or natural light?

I am equally comfortable shooting natural light and strobe lighting but lately I love to use the beautiful window lighting that comes in through our over-sized windows!


Do you shoot in indoors or outdoors?

I like to shoot in both environments and it really comes down to what look you are going for. I'm lucky to have a shooting space with 10ft windows which is perfect for natural light indoor photography and the high ceilings allow lots of light to come in, which is much more flattering to your facial features.

Shooting on location depends on the weather. Trust me the last thing you want is heavy winds blowing your hair in many directions, freezing cold making the color of your skin look purple, or humidity making your skin look shiny. That being said, my studio is located near many visually interesting areas; just outside the building we have brick walls, a court house, corporate buildings, industrial-looking walls, and many more!


What to wear

Bring items that you like and feel good in. Think about colors that match your skin color, eye, hair, or any other feature. Take a look at my portfolio and you will notice I use many different colored backgrounds. Sometimes I keep it neutral (white, black, or gray) and sometime I add color (mostly pastels). When you are thinking about what to wear, sometimes it's helpful to think about what colors you like in the background as well. That said, come with an open mind and we can mix and match clothing items with background that day of your shoot.

As a rule of thumb, clothes with big prints are distracting. Solid colors work best and if possible don't bring too many black or white clothing items as these are colors that either blow out or lose the details in the photo.

For women, it's not a great idea to wear strapless tops as a head and shoulders picture will seem like implied nudity and that may not be the impression you would like casting directors to have. 

Also, you are always welcome to bring more clothes than you need for your session and we can pick out the best items together.

Think about what roles you are after and look at what they are wearing, this should drive your wardrobe decision. Watch TV shows that have the characters you would like to play, look at IMDB pictures to see what others wore for their headshots, and for men, maybe look at magazines like GQ for ideas.


Do I really need Hair & Makeup?

Good hair and makeup makes a world of difference for women and is highly recommended!


What about music during the shoot?

A photoshoot would never be the same without good music! It helps you relax and maintain high energy throughout the session.

We use Sonos, a dedicated wireless network, to play music. All you have to do is bring your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android device, download the free Sonos App and you will be able to stream music directly to our speakers! Don't have any of these devices? No worries, we can stream music from Pandora using our iPhone or iPad. 


After Your Shoot 

You will receive an email from me with your Dropbox link to your online gallery where you will be able to view all the shots from your session and share them with your agent, friends, and family. 

You will also be able to download the full resolution file to your computer and it is recommended you download them at your earliest convenience.



Once you have selected your favorite images, you can let me know which ones you picked so that I can begin the retouching process. Your photos will be ready in 48 hours.


Where do I print my photos?

Colorworks and Reproductions are probably the best.


Do you provide large resolution files?

Yes, you will receive the full resolution files in the dropbox link I will send you after your shoot.


Price and Payment

For payment details, including package details and discounts please visit our Rates page.


Do you have more advice on how to get great headshots?

Lira Kellerman, writer of the Struggling Actress blog, has written what has to be the single best blog post with advice to actors getting their headshots. I am positive you will find it worthwhile to read her post!


Why do you sometimes write "we" instead of "I"?

Marcela, my wife, and I work as a creative team on most shoots. We really enjoy working together to help make great headshots for performing artists.